Gang feud may have caused triple murder off Waltham Park Road

Superintendent Gary Francis, head of the St. Andrew South Police and the aunt of 16 year old Jody-Ann Deer, who was among three people killed off Waltham Park Road
The police are trying to determine whether Wednesday morning's triple killing at 24 Harvey Road, off Waltham Park Road, in St. Andrew was gang related.
The deceased have been identified as 16 year old student, Jody-Ann Deer, 20 year old Tajay Dunbar and 23 year old Neville Lewis.
Another woman was shot and injured.
The incident occurred sometime after 3 o'clock.
Superintendent Gary Francis, head of the St. Andrew South Police, said the police were called after explosions were heard and the four persons were found inside a house. 
He said based on investigations being carried out by the police, the attack may have been the result of a gang feud. 
He is encouraging persons to share any information they have with the police.
The aunt of 16 year old Jody-Ann Deer, said the incident has left her upset as she has been helping to care for the teenager since her mother died. 
She called for an end to all crime in the country. 
"Right now the crime need fi leggo.... Me want know if the people dem weh a do it or wah tek place, if dem nuh understand seh dem have pickney, dem have niece, dem have nephew, dem have bredda, dem have family.... Me na'ave nuh family a badman, so dem shouldn't do me niece like that" she lamented. 

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