Government increases 2016/17 Budget by $13 billion

The Jamaican Government has confirmed that it intends to spend J$13 billion more this year than was previously planned.

This was outlined in the revised Estimates of Expenditure, tabled in the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

The new figures in the revised budget show that when the government is through cutting the budget in some areas and increasing spending in others, the net result will be an additional spending of $13 billion.

In the areas it will be spending more, debt payment takes priority, with an extra $8.5 billion set aside for that purpose. 

The Ministry of National Security will get an extra $4.8 billion. The bulk of that money will go to purchasing and overhauling ships for the Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard to patrol and safeguard the nation's maritime borders. Some of it will also be used to pay increases salaries granted to the police force, as well as  improve the armoury and the information gathering platform of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

More than $15 billion, initially set aside in the Ministry of Finance to meet contingencies, has been reallocated to other sectors of government.     

Parliament's Public Administration and Appropriations Committee will meet on Wednesday to consider the extra spending.

The government will then tell the nation where the extra money will come from.




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