Government remains silent on OCG report

Sandrea Falconer

Twenty-four hours after the Contractor General released two damning reports related to the conduct of two Ministers in the Portia Simpson-miller led administration, the Government is refusing to answer questions about the fate of Richard Azan, a junior Government Minister and Phillip Paulwell, Energy Minister.   

Addressing the weekly press briefing on Wednesday, Senator Sandrea Falconer, Information Minister   said the Government has not yet met to discuss the issues raised in the report  from the Office of the Contractor General (OCG) concerning the Spalding Market  controversy and the bidding process for the 360 megawatt project.

Acknowledging that members of the media were "very anxious to get reactions from this administration"  to the reports, she explained that "the Prime Minister and the Cabinet have not yet had a change to review and discuss the report fully.”

Falconer also disclosed that both Azan and Paulwell have asked for more time to peruse the findings of Dirk Harrison – the Contractor General.

“I’m not able to entertain questions on this matter today and as soon as the reviews are done we will update you,” she said.

At the end of the meeting the Information Minister disclosed that the Cabinet is expected to have a special meeting to look into the matter,  however she was unable to give a time line.

She added that the Prime Minster was saddled with a busy schedule, and therefore had not yet had the opportunity to go through both reports.


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