Governor General intervenes amid row over acting Chief Justice appointment

The Governor General has intervened in the wake of the controversy surrounding the appointment of an acting Chief Justice.
A statement a short while ago from King's House said Sir Patrick Allen last Friday convened a tripartite meeting with representatives of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the Government following a written request from Prime Minister Andrew Holness.
The Governor General said it was called to address recent developments and allay anxieties that the public may have. 
The Executive was represented by the Prime Minister, the ministers of Finance, National Security, Justice and the Attorney General. 
The Legislature was represented by the Speaker of the House of  Representatives and the President of the Senate, while Acting Chief Justice Brian Sykes, the President of the Court of Appeal as well as the senior and other puisne judges represented the Judiciary.
Prime Minister Holness reiterated that the Executive had no intention of undermining or diminishing the role of the Judiciary and that his primary interest is to ensure that all of government works in the best interest of the people and that public resources are efficiently used and properly accounted for.
The Judiciary declared that the three branches of the Government were "separate but not separated, equal and independent" in their core functions, while acknowledging that all branches had to work together.  
They agreed that the meeting allowed for misunderstandings to be cleared up on major issues of concern, in a manner that does not bring the judiciary into disrepute and kept it beyond reproach. 

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