Governor General signs act to repeal and replace the Road Traffic Act

After several lengthy delays, the Act to Repeal and Replace the Road Traffic Act, has been signed by the Governor General. 

RJR News has received word that the Governor General l gave his blessings to the new Act late last month. 

Vice Chairman of the National Road Safety Council Dr. Lucien Jones says the passage of the Act was long overdue and will deal with a slew of road traffic measures.

“Well this is excellent news that we have been wiating on for about five eyars now. The new road traffic act , among other things, will increase the fines. It will deal with the matter of speeding and being distracted by cell phones,” said Jones who also  appealed to the government to move swiftly to approve the accompanying regulations.

 He also said that the latest development comes at a time when the nation is grappling with a record 50 road traffic related deaths since the start of the year.


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