Gov't looking to give more incentives to persons who take plea bargain

The Government will be looking at amending the Parole Act and the expungement law to provide further incentives for criminals who plead guilty through the plea-bargaining process. 
This was disclosed by Justice Minister Delroy Chuck during an interview with the Jamaica Information Service.
He said the amendments will allow convicts who have shown remorse to be eligible for early parole. 
Mr. Chuck said he is looking at having these persons eventually getting their criminal records expunged.  
He said it is hoped that the move will result in these persons being examples to their communities, as it will be incumbent on them to live a crime-free life in order to complete parole and be eligible for record expungement in 15 to 20 years.
Mr. Chuck said integrating these incentives and attractions into the plea-bargaining process is critical to achieving the target of having at least 50 per cent of accused persons submit guilty pleas.
This will result in a significant reduction in the backlog of cases.
The Plea Negotiations and Agreement Act, which provides for a system of plea bargaining for persons who commit crimes, was passed in the Senate on June 2.
It is intended to give accused persons the opportunity to offer a guilty plea in exchange for a lighter sentence. 

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