Gov't pathologist continues testimony in latest 'death squad' trial

As the trial of the three policemen accused of the murder of Andrew Bisson continues, the government forensic pathologist on Friday testified that there is no evidence he was shot at close range.
Dr. Pradeep Ruwanpera was answering questions from defence attorneys during cross examination at the trial of the three cops who are accused of being part of a so called 'death squad'.
Dr. Ruwanpera said his examination of the body of the deceased did not reveal any burning or blackening to suggest that he was shot at close range.
INDECOM prosecutors have alleged that Mr. Bisson was executed by the policemen during an operation on September 5, 2011 in Hayes, Clarendon.
They claimed that he was shot while on the ground.
Dr. Ruwanpera said Mr. Bisson sustained four bullet wounds - one to the head, two to the abdomen and another to the chest.
He testified on Friday that the wounds could have been sustained in a shootout.
Corporal Kevin Adams, District Constable Howard Brown and Constable Carl Bucknor are on trial for the murder.

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