Gov't wins bid to seize assets of convicted drug dealer 'Deedo' Nembhard

Convicted drug kingpin Norris 'Deedo' Nembhard has failed in his bid to prevent the government from taking more than $150 million worth of his assets.
In a news release Monday afternoon, the Assets Recovery Agency said the Supreme Court ruled on Monday against setting aside a default judgment that was entered against him in August 2016.
The default judgment arose from a civil claim brought by the Assets Recovery Agency in 2011, in which it sought the recovery of several properties and motor vehicles which were alleged to have been purchased from the proceeds of Mr. Nembhard's drug trafficking. 
Five years after that judgement, Mr. Nembhard filed an application to have it set aside.
In refusing the application, the court noted that the five year delay was exceptional and Mr. Nembhard had provided no evidence to account for this delay. 
The court further found that Mr. Nembhard did not show that he had a real prospect of successfully defending the claim.
The effect of this decision is that the default judgment that was entered in favour of the Agency stands. 
Among the assets which will now go to the government are real estate properties located in St. Ann and 11 of Mr. Nemhard's motor vehicles.
Nembhard, was one of several Jamaicans designated as drug kingpins by then US President George W. Bush in 2004.
He was given a 13-year prison sentence five years later for conspiracy to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine and more than 1,000 kilograms of marijuana, knowing and intending it to be unlawfully imported into the United States. 

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