Gunman killed by police in Westmoreland was on most wanted list

The police in the western parish of Westmoreland say the man who was killed in a shoot out late Saturday after robbing a store and killing and tourist in Savanna - la-mar – the parish capital, was on their most wanted list.  

The gunman has been identified only as "Bigga" from Savanna-La-mar

It’s reported that two men posing as shoppers went into a store and shortly after brandished guns and robbed the owner of an undetermined sum of cash. An American tourist was robbed, shot and killed in the process.

"Bigga" and his accomplice were accosted by the police and a shoot out ensued in which he was killed.

He  was wanted in connection with several crimes in the parish inclusive of murder, rape and robbery.

The police say a 9mm Glock pistol seized from the Bigga’s body may have been used to commit several criminal activities in  Westmoreland as well as the neighbouring parishes of St James and Hanover.

The police say they have launched a manhunt for the other gunman.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Embassy has contacted relatives of the visitor who was killed  by the gunmen.

 The Embassy says it now awaits the official report of the incident, and notes that the tourists visiting from return home without incident. In a release, the US Embassy said despite the incident, cooperation between security officials in both countries remains strong.


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