Gunmen strike in Mobay leaving one dead and 3 others hospitalized

Gunmen struck yesterday afternoon in the vicinity of Sangster International Airport, leaving one person dead and three others hospitalized. 
Thirty-three-year-old Desmond Clarke, otherwise called Dangles, two other men, and a child were travelling in a Nissan Tida along Sunset Boulevard shortly after 4 o'clock.  
They stopped at a car rental company when a Toyota Yaris drove up. Four men armed with AK47 rifles alighted from the vehicle and fired on the Tida.  Mr. Clarke was killed while the other two men sustained bullet wounds.
The child was not injured. 
About an hour later there was another shooting in the area. The incident took place in the vicinity of  the round-about leading to Sangster International. 
A man was shot four times and is in hospital. 
Investigators say the incidents are linked to the feud between the Uptown and Downtown Sparta gangs in Flanker.

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