Haiti cuts price of goods amid violent protests

Haiti's Prime Minister Jean-Henry Céant has announced a decrease in the price of basic commodities among other things to end deadly violence in the country.
In a televised broadcast on Saturday night, Mr. Céant said there would be a 30 per cent cut in the national budget allocation to the office of the Prime Minister and that he is also suggesting that the Presidency and the Parliament do the same.
In addition, Prime Minister Céant said there would be the abolition of all the unnecessary privileges of senior state officials such as fuel costs, phone cards, travel abroad, reducing the number of consultants on files and reconsideration of providing them with a second residence.
He said these savings will, for example, strengthen the judiciary by giving it additional resources to facilitate the completion of the Petrocaribe trial.
Opposition political parties have been staging street demonstrations in support of their calls for President Moise to step down, after accusing him of not investigating allegations of corruption in the previous government over Petrocaribe.
At least seven people have been killed in the protests so far. 
Several others have been injured in clashes with the police.

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