Hanover police get death threats

The voice of an alleged gang member threatening the Hanover police and DSP Sharon Beeput, head of the Hanover Police


Death threats have been issued against the police in Hanover after two men were killed in Green Island by the lawmen during a reported gun battle on April 4.
The death threats were issued to the police in a video posted on Facebook.
The 12-minute and 38-second video was filmed during a protest by residents a day after the incident.
In the video, a man claimed the men who died were his friends and that they were innocent. He said revenge will be taken against the police for killing his friends.

"Can how much year it tek we enuh man, police haffi dead enuh somebody, police haffi dead back!" he proclaimed.

Claiming that the men in the community have more high-powered weapons than the police, he vowed, "we haffi take one half dozen a dem police yah!".

The police reported that about 8 o'clock on the evening of April 4, they were conducting spot checks along the Salt Spring main road when they were reportedly forced to take cover after being fired on by four men travelling on motorcycles.
Two of the men were killed after the police returned the fire.
The dead men were identified as 20 year old Orlando Tavares and 31 year old Vincent Murray of Crawle, Hanover.

Meanwhile, Deputy Superintendent Sharon Beeput, head of the Hanover Police, has said the men in the video are members of the so-called Hundred Rounds gang.
According to the police the two men who were killed in the confrontation with them are members of that gang.
DSP Beeput said the threat level against the police is extreme.

"All police officers are on the alert. They are aware of the stress levels and are prepared to carryout their task without favour or affection and or ill-will in apprehending these culprits," she asserted as she encouraged the citizens of Hanover to support the police in its crime fighting activities.

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