Hanover police on high alert

The Police in Hanover remain on high alert this morning following death threats issued by members of a criminal gang in the parish.

The death threats have been issued following the recent fatal shooting of two men by the police in the parish.

Orlando Tavares, 20, and Vincent Murray, 31, of Crawle, were shot dead when they reportedly attacked members of a police party conducting spot checks along the Salt Spring main road last week.

A member of the gang has issued threats against the Hanover police via a video posted on Facebook.

The 12:38 video was filmed during a protest by residents a day after the incident.

In the video, a man claimed the men who died were his friends and that they were innocent.

He says he will be taking revenge against the police for killing his friends.

He also claimed that men in the community have more high-powered weapons than the police.

Deputy Superintendent Sharon Beeput, head of the Hanover Police, has identified the men in the video as members of the Hundred Rounds Gang.

The police say the two men who were killed in the confrontation with them are members of that gang.

According to Beeput, the threat level against the police is extreme.

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