Hayes residents protest in front of Jamalco Bauxite Plant

Residents from a section of Hayes, Clarendon on Monday morning staged a demonstration at the gates of the Jamalco bauxite plant against the construction of what they claim is a mud lake in their community.

The residents say the mud lake will pose a health hazard.

However, Phillips Biggs, senior community relations officer at Jamalco, told RJR News that the company is constructing a run off facility and not a mud lake.    

He added that the run off is environmentally friendly and is not located near any of the houses. 

“For over four years we have discussed all aspects of the construction of the run off water pond. They are saying it’s a mud lake, it is definitely not a mud lake, it’s a storm water lake and it will contain less chemicals than that which is used to wash dishes,”

“We also spoke about proximity of the pond to their homes, at one of the meetings we actually showed a map of the location and it is at least half a mile from the nearest home,” Mr. Biggs said.


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