Health Minister launches telemedicine programme to remotely provide health care

Dr. Christopher Tufton
Telecommunication and information technology can now be used to provide health care remotely to persons who use the Kitson Town health centre in St. Catherine. 
Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton launched the pilot phase of the telemedicine initiative Wednesday morning.
Kitson Town is in the minister's constituency. 
Dr. Tufton explained that specialists from the University Hospital of  the West Indies (UHWI) can now communicate with doctors at Kitson Town and offer services through the use of specialised equipment. 
"So for example, if the person ear is hurting them, there is a piece of device that they can put in the ear. It comes up on the screen here (Kitson Town) and at University Hospital and the specialist there can say, 'Okay... this must be the problem. Let's try that,' " he explained. 
Dr. Tufton, who was speaking at a ceremony for the reopening of the Kitson Town Health Centre, said similar technology will be installed at May Pen Hospital in Clarendon to boost healthcare delivery. 

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