Health Minister outlines targets in lead up to restriction on sugary drinks

Dr. Christopher Tufton
Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton has given a breakdown of the activities and targets to be achieved by January, when it is expected that there will be restrictions on drinks with high sugar content sold in public schools.
He confirmed that the activities are in conjunction with the Education Ministry, and will have a heavy public education component.
The minister outlined that manufacturers have been engaged and are working on reformulation, which constitutes taking out some of the sugar of existing brands or creating new brands. 
in addition, he said the Health and Nutrition Policy is being developed by both ministries as a guide to what are the available options for consumption on school compounds. 
The public education and sensitisation programme for parents, students, vendors, canteen operators will also continue until January, Dr. Tufton revealed. 
These activities come in the context of increasing discussions about the sugar content of certain drinks and whether they should be taxed, and a recent survey by the Heart Foundation of Jamaica, which found that 81 per cent of Jamaicans support a tax on sugary drinks. 

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