Health Ministry backtracks, says one dengue-related death reported

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jacqueline Bissasor McKenzie
Two days after the Health Ministry said there was no reported dengue-related death in the country since the start of the year, it has backtracked, telling RJR News that there has been one such case involving a child. 
Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jacqueline Bissasor McKenzie said the eight year old boy died at Bustamante Hospital for Children in January.
Dr. Bissasor McKenzie added that the Health Ministry has received six notifications of possible dengue-related deaths up to Monday. 
"Only three of the notifications fit the clinical case definition for dengue-related deaths," she said. 
The Ministry said while the other three deaths fit the clinical case definition, they do not have any positive dengue results and therefore remain suspected cases.
It said the other notifications did not fit the case definition for dengue-related deaths.
The Health Ministry noted that while there have been several cases of dengue in Jamaica, it has not observed any unusual or above-average trend to indicate an outbreak.                                                                                                

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