Health Ministry outlines plan to prevent malaria spread

Plans have been outlined by the Ministry of Health to prevent a spread of  malaria in Jamaica following two imported cases of the mosquito-borne disease.
The measures involve primarily the control of the mosquito population.
Chief Medical Officer Dr. Winston De La Haye, says the initial target will be the communities where the two individuals reside.

Fogging, he said, will be done within a 200 metre radius of the home of the affected persons, three consecutive nights in a row for three weeks in a row.

Additionally, the Health Ministry will be collaborating with Red Cross Jamaica to continue vector control initiatives. 
Meanwhile, the two persons who have been confirmed with malaria in Jamaica are still in quarantine as the Ministry of Health takes steps to prevent a local spread of the mosquito borne disease.
One of the individuals is from St. Catherine and the other from Montego Bay, St. James. He declined to disclose the communities in which both persons reside. The Health Ministry says both cases are imported.
One of the cases involves a Jamaican who was living in Ghana and returned to Jamaica last November. The second individual is a man from India.
Symptoms of malaria include fever, chills, headache, sweats, fatigue, nausea and vomiting.               
In the meantime, Dr. De La Haye said travellers should get preventative medication before going overseas.

He said persons travelling to malaria-affected countries should continue taking anti-malarial drugs up to one month after their return.
Ninety per cent of global cases of Malaria are from Africa, followed by South-East Asia with seven per cent and the Eastern Mediterranean with two per cent.

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