Health Ministry probing reports that cesspool trucks being retrofitting to deliver drinking water

Everton Baker, Director of Environmental Health in the Ministry of Health And Wellness
The Ministry of Health and Wellness is investigating allegations that some operators of cesspool trucks are retrofitting them to deliver drinking water.
The allegations were raised by some councillors at a recent meeting of the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation's Parish Disaster Preparedness and Public Health Committee.
In a statement, the Ministry said it will inform the public of the outcome of the investigation. 
The Ministry is increasing its vigilance in the wake of concerns about the quality of drinking water distributed by some private trucking companies.
It noted that quality checks are carried out by public health inspectors on a weekly basis. 
Everton Baker, Director of Environmental Health in the Ministry, said the water should be from the NWC or an approved source. He said a list of approved sources can be obtained from parish health departments. 
He urged consumers to be vigilant when receiving potable water "in light of the prevailing drought conditions and as the demands for potable water increases."
"Before water is received, consumers should observe whether or not the vehicle, including the water holding containers, hose and fittings are clean. Consumers should also ensure that the water is not discoloured and that there is no odour or foreign matter in the water. Commercial entities are advised where possible to do additional quality checks," Mr. Baker said. 
The Ministry of Health is urging persons to treat their water by boiling or adding household bleach if they are doubtful about the quality of their water. 

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