Health Ministry says 'robust' system in place to prevent new virus detected in China from entering Jamaica

The Ministry of Health says a robust surveillance system is in place to prevent a new virus detected in China from entering Jamaica.
There have been reports that China has a cluster of cases of  pneumonia caused by a new strain of coronavirus in Wuhan City. 
Head of a Chinese government expert team on Monday said human-to-human transmission has been confirmed in an outbreak of the coronavirus, a development that raises the possibility that it could spread more quickly and widely.
In a release Monday afternoon, Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr. Karen Webster Kerr, said to date, Jamaica has no case of the disease.
She said preparedness activities will continue for the prevention and containment of the coronavirus. 
Dr. Webster Kerr said travellers to the affected areas where the outbreak is present should take steps to prevent an introduction of  the disease into the island.

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