Health Ministry sending team to Cornwall Regional amid re-emergency of noxious fumes

The Ministry of Health says an environmental health team will be dispatched to the Cornwall Regional Hospital on Wednesday to conduct investigations into possible causes of noxious fumes which are again affecting sections of the institution.
Nurses at Cornwall Regional have been complaining about an increase in the fumes over the last two weeks.
The sixth, seventh and eighth floors are affected.
Dr. Jacqueline Bisasor Mckenzie, Acting Chief Medical Officer, said a preliminary report should be prepared by Friday.
"Somebody from the senior team will definitely be at Cornwall on Friday to meet with some of the staff to find out exactly what is happening and we hope to be able to report on some of the findings of our investigations at that time," she shared. 
The Nurses Association of Jamaica, in the meantime, has called for a risk assessment to be conducted at Cornwall Regional Hospital to ascertain the effects of the noxious fumes on patients and staff.
"We are not taking the due diligence to recognise that what is happening is affecting...their illness and so we need to look at the patients also; do we need to keep them in these buidings or do we need to do a risk assessment to see if what is happening in the building is also affecting their health?" probed NAJ President Carmen Johnson. 

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