Health Ministry to ramp up vector control programme

Everton Baker, Director of Environmental Health in the Ministry of Health
The Ministry of Health has said it will be intensifying its vector control programme in response to the expected increase in the mosquito population due to the rainfall being experienced across the island.
The ministry said its team of temporary aides continue to visit homes and other locations to monitor, assess and destroy breeding sites for the aedes aegypti mosquito.
Everton Baker, Director of Environmental Health in the Ministry of Health, in an update on Thursday morning, told RJR News that additional chemicals for vector control are being purchased through the CHASE Fund.
"In fact, we have purchased a large quantity and we are going to do some more purchases to make sure we have stocks to take us over into the next year and so we are on the ready to repond," he asserted. 
He said there has not been any report of an increase in the mosquito population since the increased rainfall. However, this might change once the rain subsides.  
"The breeding sites are disrupted when you have the flow of they don't have enough time to breed as they should, but as soon as the rain stops and water is going to be all over, they are going to start breeding seriously," he explained.  

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