Holness defends extension of ZOSO in Mount Salem, Denham Town

Prime Minister Andrew Holness
Prime Minister Andrew Holness has continued to defend the Zone of Special Operations in Mount Salem, St. James, despite criticism by the Parliamentary Opposition and commentators about its extension.
During a debate in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, former National Security Minister Peter Bunting criticised the extension of the Zone.
Mr. Bunting said other communities are in desperate need of a similar anti-crime strategy.
But Mr. Holness has insisted that the Zone of Special Operation in Mount Salem has been successful. He urged persons criticising the extension to be patient so they could see the results. 
"We have just started; it is not the time to kill the egg. Let it hatch, let it grow. We will see results. It's not rocket science. If you were to take the top 20 communities that produce violence in this country, you would quickly see that...if you were to bring those communities under control, you would see a significant fall in crime," the Prime Minister asserted.  
The Zones of Special Operations in Mount Salem and Denham Town were extended by 60 days.

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