Holness refrains from disclosing possible sanction for Ruddy Spencer

Prime Minister Andrew Holness
Prime Minister Andrew Holness has shied away from commenting on a possible sanction for State Minister in the Finance Ministry Ruddy Spencer, for utterances he made last weekend.
Mr. Spencer had promised increased assistance for Jamaica Labour Party supporters through the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), now that a member of the JLP is the chairman.
Michael Stern, former Member of Parliament for Clarendon North Western, was appointed RADA chairman last August.  
Responding to questions during a social media town hall on Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Holness described the statements as unfortunate. However, he said he has not yet had a chance to speak with Mr. Spencer on the matter.
"I have seen where he has said that it was not his intention and he has apologised and I think as Prime Minister I probably will have to do something else, something more to reinforce the point because I believe that it could erode confidence in the government if it is not addressed in a strong way," he asserted.  
Mr. Holness also said supporters tend to expect special treatment when the party they support is in power. But appealed to them not to make such demands.
"I think that our political culture is evolving where most of our supporters understand that the government that they elect cannot then turn around and distribute welfare benefits or any benefits on a political basis; that we elect the government to help all Jamaicans, not just some Jamaicans," the Prime Minister declared. 

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