House Speaker calls meeting after chaotic Parliamentary sitting

House Speaker Pearnel Charles and Leader of Opposition Business Phillip Paulwell
Pearnel Charles, Speaker of the House of Representatives, is to hold discussions with the parties involved in Tuesday's fracas in the Parliament.
The House descended into chaos as members of the Opposition sought answers from Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton on the air quality issues at Cornwall Regional Hospital in St. James.
It started after government Member of Parliament Daryl Vaz questioned the motive behind opposition MP Dr. Dayton Campbell's interest in the matter.
Later, Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips showed members of the House his middle fingers, albeit in jest. 
Mr. Charles has admitted it was "a very bad day" for the members of Parliament. 
"It reflects on all Parliamentarians and I think that we'll have to decide on what we want to do, where we want to go. Certainly, we don't want this to happen again in Parliament," he insisted.  
Mr. Charles would not go into detail about the actions he will take, but he said there will be "some discussions taking place before Parliament meets again." 
Phillip Paulwell, Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives, has also apologised for the actions of some members of Parliament on Tuesday.
Speaking on RJR's Hotline on Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Paulwell said he was very disappointed, especially because primary school children from his constituency in Parliament to listen to him speak. 
He said he now regrettably has to apologise to these children "for what they saw as some misbehaviour in the Parliament."
However, he sought to defend the Opposition, arguing that their actions were a direct response to the "completely out of order" insinuations made by Mr. Vaz. 

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