Household workers ask for substantial increase in pay

Shirley Pryce, President, Jamaica Household Workers Union


Persons who pay their household workers minimum wage could end up forking out significantly more if a proposal now before the National Minimum Wage Advisory Commission is accepted.

The Jamaica Household Workers Union has requested that the minimum wage for domestic workers be increased to $7,500, up from the current $6,200.

The union made the submission on Thursday at the final in a series of  consultations conducted by the Minimum Wage Commission.

In an interview with RJR News on Sunday night, Shirley Pryce, President of the Jamaica Household Workers Union, said the proposal was getting support from other trade unions and elements of the government.

“The trade unions say whatever we ask for, they are in support of it,” she said.

Olivia Grange, the minister with portfolio responsibility for gender affairs, was also in support, she affirmed.





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