Hundreds attend funeral of couple killed in Jamaica

Hundreds of  mourners yesterday lined the streets of  Manchester, England for the funeral of  a British couple murdered at their home in Jamaica.  
Charlie Anderson,75 and his 71 year old wife Gayle Anderson, originally from Manchester, were killed on June 22.
Neighbours found their burnt bodies at their house in Mount Pleasant, Portland.
The sombre service took place at Gorton Monastery, in Manchester, with family and friends being joined by members of  the public. 
Two of  the couple's four grandchildren were seen before the service being comforted as they wept in the arms of  other mourners. 
Last month the couple's granddaughter Stacey Anderson told the Manchester Evening News of  the family's heartbreak after their murder and lamented that the family still has no answers.
Their bodies were flown back to the UK in July but a second post mortem delayed the funeral.
The couple, who had been married for 55 years, retired to Jamaica last year and were believed to be in the final stages of  building a new home. 
It has been suggested that the Andersons were victims of  a credit card scam which saw them lose £50,000 shortly before their deaths.

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