Hundreds of gun permits revoked so far this year - FLA

Shane Dalling, CEO of the FLA
The Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) is reporting that hundreds of gun permits have been revoked since the start of the year.
Shane Dalling, CEO of the FLA, on Friday disclosed that this is due to an electronic fingerprint system which is connected to the Criminal Records Office among other measures.
Speaking at a media briefing, Mr. Dalling said the system detected several convictions of current firearm holders.
All licensed firearm holders are fingerprinted annually when they renew their permits.
The FLA CEO said where a criminal conviction is detected, the firearm is taken and an investigation carried out.
A recommendation is then made to the Board of the FLA as it relates to the continuation of the licence.
Mr. Dalling said more gun permits will be revoked as the FLA continues to place licensed firearm holders under increased scrutiny. 
He added that the agency is also tracking the purchase and use of ammunition by all licensed firearm holders.
In the meantime, Mr. Dalling said the FLA has seen an increase in the number of licensed firearms reported lost. 
In the last last five years, he said more than 800 firearms were reported lost or stolen. In 2016 alone, 300 licensed firearms were reported lost or stolen. 
While not sharing the figures, the FLA boss also noted that more firearms have been reported lost or stolen so far in 2018 than all of 2017. 

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