Hurricane Michael pounds Georgia after making landfall on Florida Panhandle

Hurricane Michael made landfall as a catastrophic, unprecedented Category 4 hurricane on the Florida Panhandle early Wednesday afternoon. 
Life-threatening storm surge and 100-plus-mph winds are expected not just near the coast, but also inland, which could leave some areas without power for over a week.
Michael made landfall near Mexico Beach, Florida on Wednesday with maximum sustained winds of 155 mph.
Hurricane Michael, which is now a category 2 storm, is currently pounding sections of Georgia after arriving in that state as a Category 3 major hurricane.
It is the first hurricane of that strength to track into Georgia since the Georgia Hurricane of 1898 and the strongest storm to hit the US since Hurricane Andrew smashed into South Florida in 1992.
Rain from Michael has spread across the Florida Panhandle, eastern Alabama and much of Georgia.

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