"I don't need to get involved' - Dr. Nigel Clarke's response to comments by Peter Bunting

Dr. Nigel Clarke, speaking Wednesday on TVJ's Smile Jamaica
Dr. Nigel Clarke, Member of Parliament elect for St. Andrew North Western, has said he does not need to respond to comments by Peter Bunting, Opposition Spokesman on Industry and Commerce, likening him to a "colonial type black Englishman".
Mr. Bunting made the comment during an interview for an online programme hosted by Reverend Garnet Roper.
The comment: "In a sense, he reminds me of the black Englishman of colonial times who aspired to be sort of black royalty," has been condemned by Prime Minister Andrew Holness and some members of the public.
Dr. Clarke was asked what he thought of the comments on TVJ's Smile Jamaica on Wednesday morning.
"We live in a democracy; everyone can say what they want. Some people say foolish things; some people say smart things," he responded.
"There is sufficient reaction in the public domain, on social media, on the electronic media, in print. I don't need to add my voice to it. I think that it has been weighed on the scales and it has been found wanting," he added.  
Mr. Bunting, it is assumed, had made the comment about Dr. Clarke with regards to his educational pursuits. But Dr. Clarke has dismissed those assertions, arguing that most of his educational achievements took place in Jamaica. 
Dr. Clarke attended St. Richards Primary, Munro College, the University of the West Indies, then went on to Oxford University in England. 

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