Improvements in Jamaica's air traffic control system expected today

Some of the problems that affected Jamaica’s air space following the lightning strike which disrupted radar and communication systems at the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA), appear to have eased.

Following three days of interruptions and limited air traffic services, Information Minister Ruel Rued told RJR News on Monday evening that the situation should have improve significantly as of Tuesday morning.

“The capability that they have available now will allow 24 hours of service to allow all aircraft to take off and land in Jamaica without any difficulty,” he reported.

In a statement earlier on Monday, the JCAA said, while the damage to its radar and communication systems following Friday's lightning strike was extensive, aspects of the technical repairs had been completed.

However, it said it was awaiting the delivery of some components, which were being sourced overseas. 

The lightning strike destroyed the voice control switch that monitors the air to ground voice communications as well as the air traffic management computer systems.







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