INDECOM expecting full police probe into claim of guns planted on crime scenes

Terrence Williams
INDECOM says it expects a full scale investigation will be carried out following its revelation last week that it has evidence of guns being planted at scenes of fatal police shootings.
RJR News on Sunday reported that Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson has ordered an investigation into in the matter.
During a media briefing on Thursday, INDECOM officials claimed that a gun, which was seized by the police sometime ago, was found at the scene of a fatal shooting this year.
INDECOM Commissioner Terrence Williams suggested that although that just one case was brought, the investigation should encompass other similar incidents which it mentioned during its annual report. 
He said INDECOM's recommendations are important because the incidents highlight the need for a systematic change within the JCF "to be able to detect when rogue officers take guns out of lawful custody and don't return them."
"We hope it will will be broader than just the single incident because there are other incidents which we spoke of in our press conference annual report, which show a need for systemic change, change in systems in JCF to be able . So we're hoping that our recommendations will be looked at.  
INDECOM did not give details at last week's media briefing, but an investigation by RJR News regarding the incident this year revealed that the weapon which was alleged to have been planted, a point-3-8 pistol, was seized at a shooting scene in St. Ann in February.
A man was shot dead by the police in a reported confrontation.
A highly placed source told RJR News that the weapon was seized in 1996 from a man who shot his brother during a dispute in Kingston.
The man was convicted and the weapon placed in the police armoury.
According to RJR's source, the cops who handled the case resigned from the force years ago, and the policemen involved in the St. Ann shooting were not in the JCF at the time the weapon was seized 22 years ago.
It is understood that investigators are probing whether the weapon was among those stolen from the police armoury in 2010.
INDECOM said it has already supplied the police with the information regarding its claim that guns are being planted at some crime scenes. 
The Police Commissioner is expected to issue a statement at a later date in response to INDECOM's allegation.

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