Investigations continue into fire at Mandeville gas station

Forensic fire and police investigators from Kingston were scheduled to travel to Mandeville today as the probe into yesterday's massive fire at the Fesco service station intensifies.

The cause of the fire has not been confirmed.

Ten people were injured - four seriously - when fire engulfed the fuel dispensing area of the service station about 5:45 pm.

The police say the injured include customers and employees of the service station - that was extensively damaged. Most of the injured suffered burns.

Eleven vehicles on the property were destroyed or extensively damaged in the blaze.

According to the head of the Manchester Police Superintendent Gary Francis  - statements are being collected from witnesses.

He is appealing for the makers of videos which have been circulating on social of the incident to contact the police.

“Especially a video that seemed to show the igniting of the fire - it would be interesting to talk to that person. We are asking those persons to come in and talk to us. Just to g et some answers in respect to the investigation,” he said. 

And, Claudine Heaven, one of the operators of the Fesco service station, has applauded the work of fire fighters in preventing damage to the main structure and surrounding buildings.

Several businesses, including a cambio, money transfer facility and tyre shop operate close to the service station.

In a Twitter post, Mrs Heaven said yesterday's events have been difficult to comprehend.She also  expressed gratitude that no life was lost and said the focus continues to be the well being of staff and customers.


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