Investigations continue into hostage situation on Molynes Road

Investigations are continuing into Monday night's standoff between the police and gunmen at a lottery outlet at the corner of Seaward Drive and Molynes Road in St. Andrew.
The two gunmen surrendered.
The police say the business operator and patrons who were held hostage were not injured.
In a media statement, the police said the two men were in the process of robbing the operator and patrons when they were surprised by the police.
Senior Superintendent Morris Robinson, acting head of the Area 4 Police Division, coordinated the JCF's resources and the Special Weapons and Tactical Team (SWAT) was called in. 
The High Command said after a marathon negotiation, the police de-escalated the situation and the robbers surrendered. 
The incident occurred sometime after 8 o'clock and ended shortly before midnight.

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