Irregularities reported in Labour Ministry's overseas work programme, says Jackson

Fitz Jackson and Collette Roberts Risden, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour
Member of Parliament for St. Catherine South Fitz Jackson has said he has received reports of irregularities in the Ministry of Labour's overseas employment programme.
Speaking during Wednesday's meeting of Parliament's Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PAAC), Mr Jackson said some persons have paid to speed up their application for the farm work programme. 
"That's how corruption really strive 'cause people see the results. They come to me then they won't get on it because the list is already filled, but a man let off a money and him get on and he's gone," he lamented. 
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour Collette Roberts Risden responded to the claims, arguing that if people who have experienced these situations can say for a fact that this has taken place within the ministry, she needs to be informed "because that means that something is going on untoward that I need to deal with within the ministry."
Scammers prosecuted 
Mrs Roberts Risden said several scammers who have targeted the overseas employment programme have been prosecuted. 
She said some of the scammers are using social media to carry out their illegal activities. 
"People are circulating things on social media and using the ministry's picture and website and logo and making the message seem as if it is an authentic message, but they're really not; and as soon as we come across those, we have been putting advisories out that the ministry did not issue any advisory in relation to this, it is a scam; and we try to tell persons do not recirculate it and please ignore," she said. 

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