Jamaica making less than thought from New Day agreement

Phillip Paulwell and Robert Montague
It has been revealed that Jamaica is making even less than was thought from the profit-sharing agreement with New Day Aluminium Jamaica.
Mining Minister Robert Montague told the House of Representatives Wednesday afternoon that the government has earned US$10.7 million since the agreement was signed in 2016.
Phillip Paulwell, Opposition Spokesman on Mining, noted that this was even less than he calculated when he announced in the House on Tuesday that Jamaica had earned US$13.25 million. 
"So instead of the difference being US$25 million, it's actually US$27 million. So it's a lot more money that you would have collected if the bauxite levy was in place," he declared. 
Mr. Paulwell has remained adamant that the profit sharing agreement is a bad deal and that Jamaica would have been earning a lot more revenue if the bauxite levy has remained in place.
Meanwhile, Mr. Paulwell also challenged Mr. Montague's statement that Windalco was now paying the full bauxite levy.
Mr. Montague asserted that, according to his information, the concession to Windalco halted at the end of March so the company is now required to pay the full levy. 
However, he said because of Mr. Paulwell's insistence that this was not so, he would double check.

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