Jamaica not accepting refugees

The United Nations has been warning that the worsening global refugee crisis will result in more displaced persons heading to the Caribbean, but data show Jamaica has not been providing a haven for these individuals.

According to the Economic and Social Survey Jamaica 2016, no application for the granting of refugee status was approved during the year.

The report showed that twenty one Cubans applied for asylum in Jamaica during the year.

The UN says Trinidad & Tobago has recorded 400 new applications for refugee status since the start of the year. This is a 40 percent increase from last year. 

The twin island republic was listed as the third most popular country in the region behind Belize and Dominican Republic for asylum seekers coming from a number of countries. These include Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti, Syria and Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the document showed that 3,474 Commonwealth citizens in Jamaica were granted extensions beyond six months during 2016.
This represented a five per cent decrease when compared with 3,660 in 2015.
There was also a 5.2 per cent decline in the number of non-Commonwealth citizens who were granted extension of stay.
It fell from 8,058 to 7,639 in 2016.

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