Jamaica to closely monitor international communications environment

The government has committed to conducting close monitoring and continuous analysis of  the international communications environment, so that local customers are not adversely affected by the net neutrality ruling in the United States.
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), in the United States, on Thursday voted  to discard so-called net neutrality rules.
The rules prevented broadband providers from slowing sites or demanding payments from them for faster delivery.
It's believed that this situation will cause Internet Service Providers to restrict some content which will be consumed by local entities, or make them more expensive to access.
The government's position, as presented by Wheatley, is that the internet should be open and telecommunications companies should not dictate to others.
He states that this would restrict innovation, so the government will seek to protect consumers.
"We'll have to examine what is taking place and have the consultations with the necessary stakeholders. It is a consultative process. As it is now we have ruled that no one practices uncompetetive dealings within the telecoms industry.... it is a very dynamic situation and we have to ensure that we are able to incorporate the technologies as they evolve," Wheatley said. 
And the General COunsel for Digicel Caribbean and Central America David Geary, says Jamaica needs specific rules. 
"The policy that works for Jamaica to keep the internet open does not follow the rules in the US and we will welcome policies to see what works best for Jamaica," he said. 


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