Jamaican in UK desperate for freedom after being spared from deportation

A man who was granted a last-minute reprieve hours before he was due to be deported from the UK to Jamaica says he is desperate to be free and get on with his life.
Tajay Thompson served half of a 15-month sentence in 2015 after he was convicted of possessing crack cocaine and heroin with intent to supply as a 17-year-old.
Now 23, Mr. Thompson said he arrived in Britain aged five and lives with his mother and younger brother in Battersea having only visited Jamaica twice on holiday since.
He was due to be onboard Tuesday's deportation flight to Jamaica, but was protected from forced removal at the last minute after a High Court ruling on Monday night.
He remains in Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre, near Heathrow Airport, where he had been awaiting the flight.
One of his lawyers said Mr. Thompson's deportation order had been revoked and he was given the chance to remain in the UK while they proceed with a request for a judicial review.
She added that lawyers are applying for him to be released on bail in the meantime, and hope at some point to help him secure permanent leave to remain in the UK.
Mr. Thompson said he was groomed by a gang and forced to sell drugs as a teenager.
He said he has not re-offended since his release from prison.

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