Jamaican woman sentenced in UK

A Jamaican woman was on Tuesday sentenced to 12 months in jail after living in the United Kingdom for ten years.
The Gloucester Crown Court heard that  Yolande O'Connor,38, had a forged Home Office stamp in her passport.  
O'Connor who wept as she was convicted of possessing an identity document with improper intention, will be deported to Jamaica at the end of her sentence.   
She denied the charge, saying she did not know that the stamp was false.
According to O'Connor  she paid a lawyer in Brixton, to apply to the Home Office for leave to stay and believed it was above board.
The prosecution said the Jamaican woman entered the UK in December 2001 as a visitor with leave to stay a month and several extensions were granted giving her leave to stay until 2003.
Home Office records showed that no further applications were submitted by O'Connor and it was assumed she had left the country.
But on January 8, 2011, she made an application for naturalisation as a British citizen. 

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