Jamaicans deported from UK in hiding out of fear for their lives

Britain's Guardian newspaper is reporting that as many as seven of  the Jamaicans who were deported on a UK Home Office charter flight on Tuesday have gone into hiding in fear for their lives.
In interviews, three of the 17 deportees said they fear they will be targeted by gangs if their whereabouts become known. 
According to the Guardian, the deportees said they were staying in secret locations and were afraid to go outside.
One of the men, Rupert Smith, said he was aware of a total of seven deportees who were in hiding and fearful of being the victims of violence if they were to live openly. 
The Guardian confirmed the names of the men he identified as having been on Tuesday's flight.
The newspaper said all of those returned believe their lives are in danger in Jamaica. 
Some previously received threats from gangsters or have family members who have been threatened.
Mr. Smith said his lawyer in the UK is still working on his case and he is hoping he will be able to return to the UK.
There was intense opposition to the deportation of the Jamaicans.
Human rights campaigners said the individuals came to the UK as children and some were sentenced for drug offences when they were young.
Second charter flight? 
The Guardian newspaper said reports have surfaced that the Home Office is planning a second charter flight to Jamaica next week for several of those who were spared from deportation on Tuesday after an eleventh hour court of appeal ruling in their favour. 
The ruling said they should not be deported as they had not had five working days of access to their lawyers because of problems with the phone signal at two detention centres close to Heathrow airport.
It's reported that are several detainees at another facility near Gatwick airport who won a reprieve from being included on this week's charter flight.
This followed individual legal actions by their lawyers. 
However, they fear they might be deported on a future flight.

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