Jamaica's education system to come under review in 2021

Senator Ruel Reid
There is to be a comprehensive review of Jamaica's education system over four years starting in 2021.
It will be undertaken by the Ministry of Education at a cost of $116.8 million.
Information and Education Minister Senator Ruel Reid announced at Wednesday's post-Cabinet media briefing that approval has been given for Jamaica to participate in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).
Senator Reid said this will be the first comprehensive review of the education system since a similar initiative in 2004. 
Senator explained that PISA is a triennial survey designed to evaluate education systems through the assessment of science and reading skills. "It focuses on the ability of students to apply unfamiliar context and it is the gathering of information pertaining to the education system and ultimately assists in enriching data analysis."  
He said the review by PISA will also facilitate the evaluation and ranking of Jamaica's education system with other countries.

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