Jamaica's reoffending rate declines

Commissioner of Corrections Ina Hunter, speaking with Balancing Justice host Andre Earle
The reoffending rate in Jamaica continues to decline.
It is now at 40 per cent.
In 2015, it was at 49 per cent.
Commissioner of Corrections Ina HunterJamaica's reoffending rate declines , who was speaking on RJR's Balancing Justice with host Andre Earle on Tuesday night, pointed out that the reoffending rate measures the number of people who are given a non-custodial sentence for their first offence but who then committed another offence and are sentenced time in prison. 
She noted that this is different from the reincarceration rate which measures people who have served time in prison then recommit an offence and are given another prison sentence. 
The reincarceration rate is currently at 30 per cent. 
Ms Hunter stressed that despite there being rehabilitation programmes, there is no guarantee that an inmate will not re-offend. 

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