JCF claims it has dismantled another gang

Deputy Commissioner of Police (acting) Fitz Bailey


The Jamaica Constabulary Force is claiming that it has dismantled another criminal gang.

Thirty-three members of the so-called One Don gang, based in the St Catherine North police division, were arrested during an operation three weeks ago.

Twenty-four of those arrested are scheduled to appear in court on Thursday. The other nine alleged members are awaiting an ID parade.

The offences for which the first 24 have been charged are “facilitating a serious criminal offence”; “conspiracy to commit murder”; and “being part of a criminal organization,” according to acting Deputy Commissioner Fitz Bailey, who is in charge of the crime portfolio.

ACP Bailey explained at a media briefing on Wednesday morning that the gang has been linked to more than 30 murders in the St Catherine North division and has raked in more than $57 million annually through extortion in the division. But the gang has also been operating in other parishes, he noted. 

“There’s another 30 members that have not yet been apprehended, and we are still in pursuit of those persons, and we strongly believe that, once they are held, they will be charged and placed before the court,” he said.

ACP Bailey said the alleged leader of the gang, Andre Bryan, otherwise called Blackman, has been arrested.

Amend anti-gang law
In the meantime, Mr. Bailey wants lawmakers to amend the anti-gang legislation to give the police more time to prepare court cases "and to prevent the constant appearance before the court to answer to writ filed by defence lawyers." 
"Whilst we respect the constitutional rights of every citizen and do not intend to violate such right, we are still appealing to the lawmakers to create a buffer in the interest of justice and national security," he asserted. 
He also advocated for the police to be given the power to request a 14-day detention in cases where more than five gang members have been arrested.
This, he reasoned, is necessary to "facilitate identification parades, interview and administrative matters" because "the victims of crime have human rights and these must be factored into our deliberation." 

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