Jennifer Messado arrested in relation to fresh claims of fraud

Attorney Christopher Townsend
Attorney Jennifer Messado is back in police custody.
She was detained on Tuesday after further allegations of fraud were made against her.
RJR News has been informed that the two complainants are a popular entertainer and a well known businessman.
Mrs Messado's attorney, Christopher Townsend, told RJR News Tuesday afternoon that she was being questioned by detectives of the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) and it is likely that she will be charged. 
Additional fraud charges were laid against Mrs Messado two weeks ago.
The attorney, who specialises in real estate transactions, was re-arrested and charged with breaches of the Forgery Act.
On May 15, during her appearance in the St. Andrew Parish Court on similar charges, the court was told that detectives were opposed to Mrs Messado being granted bail as she was being investigated for other matters.
She was offered bail in the sum of $800,000 and is to return to court on July 3.
Mrs. Messado is charged jointly with Real Estate broker Beverly Barakat.

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