JGRA outraged by Petcom's handling of issues with its dealers

Philip Chong
The Jamaica Gasoline Retailers Association (JGRA) is expressing outrage at what it calls destructive actions by petroleum marketing company Petcom in resolving issues with some of its dealers.  
JGRA President Philip Chong said the dealers are utilising the terms of their contracts to negotiate separation from Petcom.
But according to Mr. Chong, the dealers are being intimidated and victimised by the company in the process.
"There are two service stations...where the marketing company Petcom had gone on the site to dismantle their canopies and remove their equipment. This is while the individuals are negotiating with the marketing company to either aquire the equipment or to find a way to continue their business outside of the contract," he pointed out.  
Mr. Chong said it is outrageous that properties are being invaded and structures destroyed even though the contract with Petcom indicates the need for arbitration or an amicable settlement to the matter. 
"The marketing company has decided outside of the terms of the contract to just go and dismantle the equipment, putting the business at risk, putting people's lives at risk, because they have gone ahead and pured cement in the underground tank, they are using torches and other things to cut down the canopy," he explained. 
Sean Kinghorn, the lawyer for Petcom, told RJR News that the company is prepared to defend its actions in court.
The matter will be heard in the Supreme Court on Friday.

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