JGRA questions Finance Minister's comment on pricing

Tension is mounting between gasoline retailers and Finance Minister Audley Shaw who yesterday accused them of driving up inflation.
The Jamaica Gasoline Retailers Association (JGRA) is now calling for Mr. Shaw to withdraw the statement.
Yesterday, RJR News reported that gasoline retailers were on a collision course with the Finance Minister over the statement which was made at the inaugural natural gas conference at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston.
Mr Shaw said he would write to the ministers responsible for energy and commerce, asking them to investigate unfair pricing policies of the petroleum trade.
The JGRA fired back, saying it was at a loss as to how Mr. Shaw could blame the retailers. It said it was the government that applied additional taxes on gasoline, which is reflected in pump prices. JGRA President, Phillip Chong, has now taken the matter further. He has written to the Finance Minister inviting him to meet with them to explain his position.
He says, while marketing companies have increased their margins from eleven to 15 per cent, dealer margins have fallen to eight percent in just two years.
The Finance Minister has also called for Petrojam and petroleum marketing companies to respond to the gas price concerns.

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