JHTA hopeful of resolution to stalemate with government

Omar Robinson, JHTA President


The Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA) is optimistic that there will be a resolution to its current standoff with the government.  
The JHTA has been voicing its opposition to the plan to transfer money from the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) to the Consolidated Fund.  
Omar Robinson, President of the association, expects a positive outcome from today’s meeting with Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett and Finance Minister Audley Shaw.  
The meeting should have taken place at the Ministry of Finance at 11:00 a.m.
"What is sure though is that a decision cannot be taken by us, by the team that's meeting with both ministries. We only represent the views of our council and the views of our members, so it has to go back to the general membership, it has to go back to council for any decision to be taken," Mr. Robinson told RJR News.   
In addition to its objection of funds being transferred from the TEF, the association has also expressed concern about the effect the new tax package will have on the hotel industry.

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