JLP concerned about construction of Negril breakwater system

The opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), has expressed concern about plans to construct a breakwater system off  the Negril coastline.

In a release, Opposition Spokesperson on Environment Dr. Andrew Wheatley urged Environment Minister Robert Pickersgill, to explore alternatives to the breakwater system which is a structure used to protect a beach from erosion. One alternative is that of Beach Norishment.

Beach nourishment- also referred to as beach replenishment- is the process of  dumping or pumping sand from elsewhere, onto an eroding shoreline, to create a new beach or to widen the existing beach.
 Wheatley says, this is a long term solution which is less expensive and environmentally friendly to handle beach erosion.

He warned that if  the Environment Minister does not urgently intervene, the country will face the national and international consequences of  a damaging economic and environmental decision.          

He said Negril stakeholders have indicated a strong interest in helping to fund a comprehensive beach nourishment program which has been successful in Cuba and other countries.

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