JPS claims more success in reducing electricity theft

The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) is claiming more success in its clampdown on electricity theft, pointing to the community of Alligator Pond, Manchester as the latest example.

David Lewis, Operations and Field Service Manager at JPS, in a statement released by the company, said there has been a dramatic reduction in electrical losses in the area due in part to the implementation of the company's anti-theft project.

The project included the installation of inaccessible cables and a system which made it more difficult to tamper with meters.

According to the JPS, of the 800 households in Alligator Pond in 2016, only 327 had active JPS customer accounts. 

The utility company says more residents are moving away from stealing electricity and becoming regular customers.

Before the project was implemented, the utility company was losing more than 15,000 kilowatt hours monthly in Alligator Pond. It is now down to less than 10 per cent of that figure.

Mr. Lewis says Alligator Pond was selected due to the density of illegal connections in the area and the safety risks. 

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